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May 29, 2022 By: Barbara Hopkins
Welcome to our new website.
Greetings, All,
We hope you will enjoy this new website adventure, where we have more control over updating and modifying our website than we had in the past.  Our plans are to create a useful tool for members and visitors alike to learn about our society, to explore family history research, and to discover ways to be involved in our society, through volunteering, sharing information, or offering suggestions.  Check this blog often for updates and news about our society, events, or other information of genealogical interest.
Nitty Gritty:  There are a few things to point out.  Note that on this site the links to other sites or pages will be colored red, not the typical blue underlined text you may be used to.  If you are looking for a link, look for the red text on the page (not the headers).
     Do you use hotmail?  We have discovered our emails sent to that domain are rejected by their server.  Even when there is only one addressee as the recipient, the email will not go through.  This makes it very hard for us to communicate with you.  If you have an alternative email provider, we encourage you to enter it on your Member Profile for us to use.  You might also try entering the email,, into your Contact List.  This may help, but there is no certainty.  We do try to limit emails to members, so we don't overwhelm you. 
Members Only Page:  To access all the benefits of your membership, you must log in to this page.  If you don't remember your User Name or Password, click on the ? next to the entry box and you will be given a chance to enter your email for a link to create a new user name or password.  Be sure to update your Member Profile when you have something to change.
Join Us:  If you are not yet a member of our society, we encourage you to explore our site, attend our meetings (email for an invitation), check out our publications and our library catalog.  We hope you will be convinced to join us as we encourage and assist research into family history.  You may join online using Paypal for payment.  Click on the Online Join button from the column on the left of the page.  Or you may download and complete our Membership Form and mail it with a check for the appropriate amount to the address on the form.
Contact Us:  If you have problems, suggestions, or even compliments, please email