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May 3, 2023 By: Barbara Hopkins
Check out our newest link to WikiTree!
A new site has been entered on our Links page that will take you to WikiTree, a free site for entering and building your family tree.  WikiTree is a collaborative platform for genealogy research, where users can create and edit profiles, connect with other researchers, and grow their family trees. The site is designed to be accessible to all levels of genealogists, from beginners to experts.  For those who can't or choose not to download genealogy software, this is another choice for a place to keep your records.
Clicking on either of these links will open a new window in your browser.  When you close it, you will be back at our website.  If you have logged in, don't forget to log out.  And thanks for reading this!
Check it out soon!
March 14, 2023 By: Barbara Hopkins
Email Problems Seem Resolved
The bulk emails sent announcing our last meeting seem to have been successfully delivered!  Your webmaster complained to Yahoo about receiving the email after the date of its announced event, and to her great surprise, Yahoo tech support seems to have been accurate in reporting the "issue resolved."  It's so good to know there is someone actually listening out there in the Internet ether.  If you did NOT receive an announcement of our March meeting in a timely way, please email describing when you did receive it, or when you found it in your spam folder.  It may help if YOU complain to your email provider, but it is my understanding that email services provided by aol, verizon, yahoo, and frontier are all handled by the same administrating company.  Hopefully, complaining to yahoo got the attention of that company and issues were resolved for all their email users.
February 12, 2023 By: Barbara Hopkins
Email Problems for Some Users
We recently experienced extreme problems with delivery of our blast emails (to all members) for users of aol/verizon/yahoo/frontier email provider.  We have learned that these emails are now all controlled by the same entity, which delayed or prevented delivery of recent emails informing members about our upcoming meeting on February 2.  Our website provider (and email provider for has been in touch with the controller of these email delivery entities and has been assured they are resolving the problem.  Our website provider has also taken what steps it can to alleviate the problem on its end, but some doubt remains whether these changes will actually help.  Your webmaster, with a personal Yahoo account, has reached out to Yahoo and filed a complaint about the delay of the messages from to that email service and their response was that the issue has been resolved.  Since their Help desk is geared towards a selection from problems defined by them, there is again some doubt that resolution has indeed been achieved, though every effort was made to clearly define the problem.  The proof will be in the prompt delivery of our next blast email.
If you use aol/verizon/yahoo/frontier, you may want to set up an alternate email account with another provider and enter it on the Contact page of your Profile at  Otherwise, you may not receive important notices from us.  And we have apparently done all we can to change this already.

December 19, 2022 By: Barbara Hopkins
Our Newsletter
Our next newsletter is in the final stages of production and should be available in early January.  If you are among those members who have never logged on to our website, you are missing an important benefit of your membership.  Our Bulletin editor, John White, works hard to provide articles pertinent to researching in Prince George's County, Maryland.  He often gives detailed instructions on how to navigate through certain sites to find those nuggest of information we all seek.  Our newsletter indices are also on our website in the Members Only section; all issues are indexed through Volume 53, No. 4.  We have a volunteer currently working on the index of Volume 54. 
If you don't remember your password, click on the ? next to the password entry box to create a new one.  Capital letters are not necessary and special characters are not allowed -- use only letters and numbers.  And write it down somewhere safe so you can look it up if necessary.  I use poetry for my passwords -- Mary had a little lamb -- that becomes the password Mhall, the first letters of each word.  My clue that I write down is Mary1, meaning the first line of Mary Had a Little Lamb.  Pick any poem you like and do the same. 
Start off the New Year by catching up on your reading -- of our very impressive newsletter, The Bulletin.  And have a wonderful holiday season from all of us here at PGCGS.
December 6, 2022 By: Barbara Hopkins
Thoughtful Gift Considerations
Are you at a loss what to get that hard-to-buy-for young person you know?  Teens can be difficult to buy for -- they have distinct tastes, they don't always say what they want, and their choices can be expensive.  Have you tried to interest them in their family history?  Why not take advantage of our Student Membership -- only $10 a year and they get all the benefits of a regular membership, except they may not hold office or serve on committees.  Students at the junior high, senior high, and college levels are eligible.  This is a great way to foster an interest in this fascinating hobby among the younger generation.  Their youthful spirit at our meetings would no doubt inspire us all.  Memberships will automatically expire on June 30, 2023, but $10 for six months' exposure to the world of genealogy is still a bargain -- less than $2/month.  And you can give another gift of membership in June -- perhaps for graduation.  And, you would be fostering someone to continue your research when you no longer can.  See the Online Join tab in the left column of our web pages.
Of course, even if you don't have a youth in mind, your year-end donation to either our Library or our General Fund would be much appreciated. Indicate your choice in the Donor Comments box.  See Donate on the left column of our web pages. 
If you'd like to volunteer your time, that would be great too.  We are an all-volunteer society.  Without the participation of our members, we cannot exist.  Consider running for a two-year term as an officer in June -- we need candidates for Vice President and President.  We are happy to announce that our library volunteer, Darrell Brown, has agreed to be nominated for Treasurer.  If there is someone out there interested or willing to become our Membership Chair, that would free up the current chair, who has been wearing three hats for several years and could use a break.  Think it over.  We all need to do our part.  Training for any office will be provided.
October 21, 2022 By: Barbara Hopkins
Explore Our Links Page
There have been several new additions to our Links page, where we share the URLs for free websites that hold valuable information for the genealogical researcher. 
Recently added is a link to O Say Can You See, a site that explores the legal aspects and history of American slavery, with information and searchable databases of names of enslaved people who sued for their freedom along with their attorneys and the attorneys of their enslavers.  The information was retrieved from court records of Washington, D.C. and Maryland as well as the U.S. Supreme Court.  It contains some early history of Washington, D.C. along with detailed, interactive maps showing a number of aspects of city life in the early 1800s. A must-visit site for African American research.
Also new is a link to the Association of Oldest Inhabitants of D.C., a group formed in 1865 for residents of Washington, D.C. to gather and foster pride in their city.  If your ancestors lived in D.C., they may have been members.  Check this site to discover this.  The organization holds monthly luncheon meetings with programs of interest to those living, visiting, or interested in Our Nation's Capital.
And be sure to check out the link to a USGENWEB site listing Landowners of Prince George's County when it was formed from Calvert and Charles Counties in 1696.  You might call it the Oldest Inhabitants of Prince George's County.
October 3, 2022 By: Barbara Hopkins
Fall 2022 Bulletin Is Now Available
The latest edition of our newsletter is now available for members to download from the Members Only page.  In this issue learn about researching the county's Colonial Anglican Church records, using the website Digital Maryland (see also our Links page), new library acquisitions, and hints on using new marriage records on Maryland State Archives.  And more.  Read about volunteers who were recently awarded for their dedication and service to our society -- you could become one of them!  There are also excepts from early 20th century county voting registers; your ancestor could be on this list.
Catch up on local genealogical happenings -- and don't forget to see our Events page for information about our meeting coming up on Wednesday, October 5.
If you did not find a notification email from us about the newsletter or the monthly meeting, please check your spam folder -- emails with a large number of recipients are sometimes assumed by your email provider to be spam.  The only thing we have in common with Spam is:  "Sizzle and Mmmm"!  :)
September 4, 2022 By: Barbara Hopkins
Confused by cousins once removed?
Here's a link to a chart describing cousin relationships, including the sometime confusing "once [or more] removed" expression. 
August 12, 2022 By: Barbara Hopkins
County Marriage Licenses Now Online
Thanks to the tireless efforts of our Vice President and Newsletter Editor, John White, the Maryland State Archives has now made available for viewing at home in your jammies Prince George's County Marriage Licenses from 1777 to 1851.  We truly appreciate your efforts on this, John.  If there are other records you would like us to encourage MSA to make available without a visit to Annapolis, please let us know the specific record group of interest.  You may leave us a message through the Contact page of this website, or email
To access these newly available records, visit, then click on Research Guides from the list on the left; select Marriage Records, then select the county of marriage (Prince George's), pick 1950 and Earlier.  Under Marriage Licenses, pick CM-783.  On the next screen, click on the Link for the time period of interest.  Marriages licenses come up on hand-written pages with years at the top and licenses are listed by date.  You'll have to scroll down or even advance the page to find where you need to be.  If you click on the box with the number beside the title "Viewing" you can pick a new image number instead of scrolling page by page through unnecessary lists.
These records aren't indexed, but you can find an index on both and  The title on both websites is, "Index of Marriage Licenses, Prince George's County, Maryland, 1777-1886."  Search there first to find the date, the use the MSA records to download a copy of the image, which is unavailable from the index, although the information contained is basically the same.
Oh, and at some point you'll need to click on a box to convince the computer you aren't a robot.
Happy researching!  Let us know how you fare.
July 12, 2022 By: Barbara Hopkins
The Bulletin Subject Index
Today I have uploaded to the Member's Only portion of our website a 53-year Subject Index of our newsletter, The Bulletin.  Our thanks to our long-time volunteer, Karen Miles, who carefully and painstakingly compiled this index for the good of our society and its members.  We need more people like you! 
Note that there are three sections to the index -- first is more specific articles about various subjects and then, under General Genealogy, there are more general articles about some of the same topics.  Third, there is an index to information about our society itself.  We hope this index will assist you in making full use of our website and its offerings, specifically our newsletter archives.  Happy researching!