Constitution and Bylaws

The PGCGS Constitution Committee periodically reviews and suggests changes to that document to keep pace with changes in how the Society functions. The committee made such a review last year and while Covid-19 has slowed the process we think it is important to move forward at this time.

Please follow the link to the proposed changes to our Constitution. Read and familiarize yourself with these changes. Members will vote to accept/reject them at our September 1st meeting via Zoom.

The current Constitution and Bylaws as of 2020 can be viewed and downloaded HERE.  The pending amendments to be voted on at the September 1, 2021 meeting are HERE.

Council Officer Election

Due to the Covid-19 Virus we did not hold our elections of Council Officers last year as planned. These elections will be held at our September 1st meeting via Zoom.

The proposed slate of officers is:

  • President: Barbara Hopkins
  • Vice President: John White
  • Secretary: Karen Riekert
  • Treasurer: Heather Olsen

If anyone else is interested in running for an office or would like to volunteer, please email us at or leave a message at the library at (301) 262-2063.