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The Prince George's County Genealogical Society, founded in 1969, is the oldest Maryland County Genealogical Society in continuous existence. Its objectives are to collect, preserve, and disseminate genealogical knowledge and information, particularly that material that deals with Prince George's County, Maryland. The society is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) educational and cultural organization. Contributions, gifts, and endowments are tax deductible. The Society meets at the New Carrollton Municipal Center the first Wednesday of every month at 7 p.m. We do not meet in July, August, or January. The Society Library housed at 12219 Tulip Grove Drive in Bowie, MD is open every Wednesday 10:00am to 5:00pm, except the first Wednesday of the month: 10:00 to 1:00. For more information, call 301-262-2063.

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    The Vera M. Thorne Family History Collection (105 Files)

    This collection was loaned to the Prince Georgeís County Historical Society several months ago. It is available to our Society for at least the next three months (thru February 2019) and available for research at our library on Wednesdays. Donít miss this opportunity to further your research!

    Most of the surnames listed below are associated with the Thorne family and are from southern Prince Georgeís county, as well as Charles and Calvert counties. Vera did her research the hard way without a computer. Her records and notes are in long hand. She was the historian of the United Methodist Church in Friendly Maryland.

    Surnames include: Allen, Arthur, Baden, Baker, Barnes, Barrett, Bayne, Berry, Biggs, Bryan, Burch, Burgess, Cadle, Carroll, Cawood, Clagett, Clements, Clubb, Cook, Cooksey, Courts, Cox, Coxen, Culver, Davis, Day, Dean(e), DeMarr, Downing, Downs, Duvall, Dyer, Frazier, Freeland, Frye, Gallahan, Gant, Garner, Gates, Gibbons, Goddard, Grimes, Hatton, Henning, Hunt/Huntt, Hutchinson, Hyde, Jones, Kaldenback, Kerby, King, Kinneman, Lanham, Latimer, Lindsay, Locker, Loveless, Lusby, Lyles, Marden, Martin, McDaniel, Naylor, Padgett, Palmer, Payne, Phelps, Pumphrey, Pyles, Raum, Rawlings, Redd, Richardson, Riley, Robey, Roland, Russell, Sansbury, Sellner, Sheriff, Sherwood, Smallwood, Smith, Soper, Stonestreet, Swain, Sweeney, Talbert, Taylor, Tayman, Thompson, Thorn(e), Tilch-Stein, Tolson, Townshend, Turner, Wade, Walker, Wall/Walls, Ward, Webster, White, Whitmore, Wilson, and Young.